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These are the frequently asked questions about our company and our services


Can I host my exam at PRUEFSTER?

PRUEFSTER is a service that monitors and supports your customers while they take your exam online. We don´t offer an examination tool. But you can integrate and connect all your existing tools or LMS like Moodle, Blackboard, EvaExam, LPLUS, Hogrefe, ILIAS, and many others.


Are there content restrictions?

No, we don´t have restrictions on your content. It can be all types of questions for every topic. You are responsible for the content and its accuracy.


Is there a restriction regarding the length of an exam?

No, there are basically no restrictions. For very long tests (>4h) there may be some additional conditions.


Are there interfaces to your service?

Yes, everything can be managed via a REST-API. You can automate your workflow completely.


How can I register the participants?

There are different ways to register your customers for an exam, depending on the type of integration and number of participants. You can use the API to register participants automatically at one step of your internal process. CSV files are another way to register groups of participants for different exams. If you only have small numbers, you can register them manually. It´s also possible to share a registration link that can be used by your participants to register themselves.


Do I have to pay in advance?

No, there is a monthly bill for your usage in the previous month.


What are the costs for an exam?

That depends on different keys, like the duration or the type of monitoring. Please contact us for exact information about the pricing. We will find a model that fits your requirements.


Is PRUEFSTER compliant with GDPR?

Yes, our service is GDPR compliant. It´s based in the EU and made for clients within the EU. Our way of working is focused on privacy and was shaped by the principles of the GDPR.


Who is monitoring the exam?

All proctors, reviewers, and support agents are employees of PRUEFSTER. We don´t use any external services for this.


Do you have a Data Protection Officer?

Yes, we have. Sebastian Boldt is our certified DPO and is responsible for monitoring our data processing. You can contact him at


Can I set my own regulations for my exam?

Yes, you can. There are some predefined parameters you can choose, like pen & paper, calculator, and externals programs but you can also define your custom regulations for every exam. You can allow special tools or ban special material or behavior during the examination.


Where is data processed and stored?

All data is processed within the European Union. Our platform, including all parts of the infrastructure, is hosted in data centers in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany. If you use our mailing service to invite participants, the mailing data is also processed by a subcontractor in the Netherlands.


How many participants can be monitored at the same time

It depends on the configuration of your exams and the involvements of our employees, but technically the infrastructure will scale automatically, based on your needs. You can monitor thousands of students at the same time without any delay.


Are there any ongoing costs?

No, there are no ongoing costs. There is an initial fee to set up your system and contract, after that you just pay per use.


Is there a set-up or installation fee?

Yes, there is a general set-up fee but there are no other ongoing costs. The set-up fee is a one-time payment. After the setup, you just pay per use

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