Online exams, monitored with PRUEFSTER

Provide your exam online with our exam invigilation system.
For organizations of any scale.

The system allows you to identify and monitor your participants when they take your exam online.
You can run your proctoring system with own invigilators or have everything done by us.


No matter how you use PRUEFSTER, there are always 3 things included:


100% EU

All employees and systems are based within the European Union. Your data is completely protected by the GDPR.

24/7 Availability

Our team is always available to take care of your participants. So you can offer your exams flexible and all over the world.


Just pay what you use, without any upfront payments. You don't need to commit yourself in the long term, stay flexible!


Get what you need, when you need it

You can always configure exams completely flexible, without changing the system or integrations.
There may be open book exams that require only simple identification and others with high-security, including a mandatory 360° room scan.
Adjust settings easily, based on your experience.

Our streaming infrastructure automatically scales based on intelligent usage predictions, so participants do not experience delays, even with high workloads.

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Exams – Safe on site, safe with PRUEFSTER

Choose your range of security and set individual requirements, to meet the same standards as an exam in presence.
Our team is trained to work by your instructions.

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Green Proctoring

Without the need to travel, proctoring is already a good way to reduce CO2 emissions, compared to an exam in presence.
But of course, there is still a certain amount of CO2 pollution due to the proctoring session.

Our platform is hosted in data centers powered completely by renewable energy.
Additionally, PRUEFSTER compensates the energy consumption on the devices of its users, especially the participants streaming device, but also the usage of your team during the system usage.


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